Tips To Keep Your House Cool During Summers

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Summer season brings a lot of festive celebrations but then the rising temperature is a bummer for many. Most of us prefer to remain inside our homes during the peak temperature of the day. Even if the home is air-conditioned, it can lead to high electricity bills.  So if you are living in an area where temperature rises to 40 C or above and you are looking for less costly solutions to keep your home cool, here are a few tips that might help.

1. Circulate cool air using ceiling fan

You might be thinking what is so special about this tip? It is not the ceiling fan but the way it is used that can help reduce heat. Early morning when the temperature is low, open all doors and window blinds. Switch on your fan and let it circulate fresh cool air into your rooms.

Ceiling fan to cirulate fresh and cool air into the room

2. Keep the blinds down

During day time when sun is directly pouring down immense heat, keep your window blinds down. The window blinds used should be of a material that can easily block the sun light from entering the room. This can greatly reduce the temperature within the house.

Blinds Down

3. Install insulation on your roof

If you properly insulate your house, it will not only keep the cool air within the house but also does not allow the warm air to enter. You can spend a few dollars and install insulation on your roof with this DIY project.

Insulation on top

4. Use greenhouse cloth for windows

Another great way to avoid heat is to use greenhouse cloth for the windows to block the heat directly entering into the room. You can also use green shades over the air-conditioner for it function properly without consuming extra energy.

green house cloth house

5. Use heat reflective paints

You can color your house with heat reflective paints especially the walls all around the house or even just the face which gets more direct sunlight. These paints are available in the market for the same price as the normal paints are.

Light color paint

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