Toyota Minivan Built In Microphones Are Especially Designed To Yell At Kids

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Automakers are trying to come up with innovative ways to make minivans more appealing to customers. Like last year, Honda added an attractive feature to its odyssey minivan – a vacuum cleaner. This year Toyota has installed a built-in microphone to help parents yell at their out-of-control kids without straining voice.

new toyota minivan comes with family friendly feature

Children can be a distraction while driving the car especially when you have “intelligent” kids. They are inquisitive about almost anything, like what happens if you stuck your head out of the window? Or what is the use of a seat belt, which is irritating anyway. You will most likely witness World War III if you put more than one child in the back seat. This is when you have to yell but chances are they will not listen.

toyota brings a new feature for parents

This is exactly the reason you need to buy new Toyota Sienna. The minivan comes with a “Driver Easy Speak” feature that automatically amplifies your voice for the little passengers in the back seat. However, you may have to practice speaking in low voice because odds are you will still be yelling in the front seat microphone. This features works only one way, so that no one is able to yell back at you from the back seat.

toyotta new minivan built in back seat speakers

“Driver Easy Speak” is an optional feature for the 2015 model of the minivan. It is only available for Toyota equipped with Entune Premium Audio Systems. In addition to this, Toyota has added “Pull down conversation mirror” for you to talk without looking back.

Family friendly feature may be highlight of the vehicle but Toyota has refurbished interiors of the entire minivan. The interiors have soft-touch surfaces, at least eight airbags, panoramic rearview camera, infotainment system and state of the art navigation system. Though not much is changed under the hood.

new toyota minivan model for 2015

The car price tag and the voice specifications are yet to be announced. These innovative features are expected to bring more revenue for minivans which otherwise fell down after the 2000 release.

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