An App To Keep Track Of Who Is Tracking You

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Researchers from Rutger’s University have developed a prototype app that warns Android User whenever an app, already installed on their smartphones tries to track their location.

Smartphone users usually permit Maps, Weather, Browsers and Chat Messengers to track their location and the Android interfaces shows a tiny icon in return. There are still tons of users who do not even understand the meaning of that tiny icon. Aside these apps, that ask your permission, chances are there could be many other apps on your phone, anything from services apps to games, that are also keeping track of your location without your permission or knowledge. Although, the operating system is designed not to allow an app to access information about other apps. But a team at Rutgers University have found a way out. Taking the maximum advantage of Androids API, team has designed an app, that sends a signal whenever any other app on smartphone requests location information from the operating system.

The app, which is not named as yet, is ready to be included in Google Play Store in two months. Researcher says Android phone users who used a prototype of his app were shocked to discover how frequently they were being tracked. “People were really surprised that some apps were accessing their location, or how often some apps were accessing their location,”.

The app is built behind the idea of the iPhone app ProtectMyPrivacy, which was developed to detect what data other apps on an iPhone try to access, notifies the user, and recommends changes. However, that app requires users to first “jailbreak” the iOS.


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