Transforms Your iPhone Into A Microscope With MicrobeScope

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Microscopes are fascinating scientific tools specially if you’re interested in seeing the smaller side of life in the hidden world of microbes. Both professionally and for recreation, microscopes can be of great use in showing what naked eyes just can’t see. There are million cool ways to extend the abilities of your smartphone by linking up or plugging in additional hardware. So here’s a Kickstarter project-The Microbescope, that would make use of your smartphone to extend the power of a basic microscope. Allowing you to capture on your mobile phone real-time videos of microbes doing weird stuff and easily sharing them on the social media.


The powerful, pocket-sized MicrobeScope features an inverted lens , which places the sample directly rather than using the system of slides. Its set to be very simple to use with an internal light source for illumination and even the option to mount it on a tripod for hands free sample collection.


4D Optical believes the instrument it has created has unmatched abilities as compared to other small scopes and the phone mount is a game changer because of the ability to share real-time videos. It can be paired both with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S. The 2000x zoom capability and the slow motion capture ability of iPhone 5S makes this device super useful and interesting.


The MicrobeScope project is currently on Kickstarter and has already surpassed its funding goal but if you want one of these soon than you can still pledge $125 or more and get one delivered at your doorstep in May/June of this year.

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