True Love Tinder Robot Helps you Find Your True Love

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Swipe left, or swipe right?

For those that don’t know, swiping left means you don’t like someone’s Tinder profile, and swiping right means you do like someone’s Tinder profile.

That’s the choice millions of people are making many times a day, when using Tinder, the dating app.

Now there’s a robot that will help you decide, based on reading your reaction via your hands, and so part of your body language, while you’re looking at Tinder profiles.

As you look at a Tinder profile, the robot will measure the readings on the mat that you touch with your hands, and decide for you whether to swipe left or right.

How does this Help?

You normally swipe left or right using your consciousness, so your brain is making a choice, whether you like a profile or not, for you.

With this robot (or technically speaking, a mat with special sensors hooked up to it), you are making more of a sub-conscious choice, so it’s more your heart speaking, than your brain.

This is pretty cool, because our world is being transformed into more ‘biometric’ measurements during things like sports, or walking. It allows you to measure things about yourself, so why not do this while picking the right date?

Who Built it, How and Why?

Nicole built it as part of a school project. She’ll no doubt get a good grade for the project.

It was built using an Arduino, which is a very cool small simple computer, servo’s to move the hand, a sensor device to measure how sweaty your hands are, and some computer code to make sense of your palm sweatiness. The code is available online, so you can have a look yourself.

According to her blog, the why is due to the many biometric devices available today, and exploring new ways of using biometrics to do cool things.

True Love Tinder Robot

True Love Tinder Robot showing the mechanical hand, source Nicole.

True Love Tinder Robot

True Love Tinder Robot, showing how it is used, source Nicole.

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