Turn Any Ordinary Fan Into An Air Conditioner

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“Necessity is the Mother of Invention” – A phrase we only studied in your schooling, but always stayed thirsty to find the answer – HOW?. Well, this guy has truly done justice with the phrase with his DIY project. He couldn’t afford a real air conditioner in his room so came up with something really epic. With the clever use of few useless materials from his house, he turned an ordinary tabletop fan into an Air Conditioner. How he did this? Read further to get the answer.

The guy wrapped the copper tubing in a spiral around front and back of a regular oscillating tabletop fan. A fish tank below the fan pumps cold water through the flexible plastic tubes into the copper tubes, making the surrounding area of fan colder than normal. When the fan blows across the cold tubes, it creates a gust of chilly air in the room.

Fan Air Conditioner Fan Air Conditioner DIY Fan Air Conditioner Pipes

While trying it back at your home, just be careful as the hack involves electricity and water, which is always a danger to life.

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