Turn Ordinary USB Wire Into Coiled Wire Using Hair Dryer

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Long cords often tangle up creating mess around desk. There is a way to organize long cords but then it could create a mess too. Usually, a lot of cords together get dusty and needs cleaning after a few days as well.

Recently, we have come across a secret, that actually turns your normal USB charging wire into a coiled wire, like that of telephone. Here it how it looks like:

How To Coil USB Wire


All you have to do is, follow the following steps explained below:

Step 1:

The materials required are USB cord, pencil, blow dryer and tape.

Materials For Coiled USB Wire

Step 2:

You need to leave out about 5 inches of wire and tape it down on the pencil, then start coiling the wire around the pencil. The wire should be tightly coiled and not too pulled up. After that leave out another 5 inches of wire from the other side.

Wrapping The Cord On Pencil

Wrapping The Cord On Pencil 2

Step 3:

Using the blow dryer, blow hot air on the wire until the plastic of wire becomes warm. You can roll up the pencil to warm all sides of the wire. Let it cool down, remove the tape and pull out the pencil.

Caution: Hot blower might burn the wire you are heating therefore keep maximum distance between the blower and wire. Do not make physical connection of wire with dryer.

USB Coiled Wire

You now have a coiled smaller USB wire. Do you have any other tricks to manage long cords? Share in the comment section below.

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