Turn Your Car Into Auto Drive In Just $10,000

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Do you love automatic cars? Are you waiting for an automaker to launch an autonomous vehicle in the market? If you are a car-junkie, the wait might be killing you. We have good news; the wait is at least over for all the owners of Audis out there. Unfortunately all other car owners have to stay calm for bit more.

cruise rp-1 for audis

Cruise, a startup company, can turn your Audis to a semi-autonomous vehicle. They will add cameras, sensors and computers for a mere amount of $10,000. Sounds too much? Well, how about we tell you other extensive systems costs about $75k to $100k. Cruise is offering the best features with a cheap price tag.

Cruise will provide a RP-1 Kit to make over your car. They call it “Your Personal Chauffer”. Cruise RP-1 contains state of the art sensor pod, controls and computers.

The sensor pod is your eyes on the road which is mounted on the car roof top. It keeps track of the road and the cars around you using cameras, radars and other measurement equipment. It relays back the information to the cruise computer to make real time decisions.

cruise rp-1 sensor pod

The RP-1 controls are a child’s play. A simple click of button will transition you to an auto-pilot mode. Just relax, sit-back and enjoy as Cruise RP-1 guides its way on the road.

cruise rp 1 control

The brain of Cruise RP-1 can be found sitting in the trunk of your car. This computer is responsible for accurately calculating its way on the road to keep you and your family safe.

cruise rp-1 computer in the trunk

This technology is available only for 2012 or newer version of Audi A4 and S4 and will be sold in California only. The technology is still in its early endurance testing; afterwards the plan is to bring in third parties for safety insurance.

With this price, it is still remained to be seen whether those sensors will be able to provide best performance.

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