Turn Your Helmet Into A World Class Speaker

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Listening to the music while travelling is a great idea, considering when the traffic rush is at peak and you have nothing to do driving back home. But the particular scenario is not viable for the people who ride bike, do skiing or snowboarding, as they have to wear a safety helmet during the ride.

Same was the case with Sophie, who loved riding bike as equally as her love for music. So, instead of wearing typical safety helmets with hard-to-attach headphones, she tried to build her own solution. Called the “Headway” – this device not only provides the sound inside your helmet, but also produces a great effect with some amazing vibrations. The device attaches to the outside of any helmet using a magnetic mechanism in combination with a secure mounting system, and turns the whole head-safe into a world class speaker. You can play music with your smartphone using a companion app, as the headway is controlled wirelessly through Bluetooth technology.


Helmet Speaker

The most epic thing about this device is that, rather than emitting sound from a speaker, it uses surface transduction to transmit vibrations through the helmet itself. The result, in the words of Headway’s founder and CEO Sophie Willborn, “turns the whole helmet into an acoustic resonating body with outstanding audio quality.” especially with a strong bass.

Working out of the Berlin Startup Academy, Sophie created the first of several prototypes by September 2013 and began testing it. The final design is a 3D-printed device that communicates with a user’s smartphone via Bluetooth. She is presently working to launch her crowdsourcing campaign to bring Headway to the market.

The team faced multiple challenges in the design phase, even the product name changed from Rockatoo to Headway. Nonetheless, Headway has already won several awards, including first prizes at Idea Camp and the Betahaus Festival Hardware Pitch. So, assuming the crowdfunding process goes to plan, Headway will be available from the middle of 2014 with a minimum pledge of around €270 (US$365).

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