Turn Your Ordinary Laptop Into A Touchscreen

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Ever since the commercial release of the touchscreen, tablets, smartphones and now laptops and desktop computers have begun utilising its capabilities. The fully developed operating systems for desktops and laptops like Mac OS and Windows have released their latest versions to be compatible across all devices for touch gestures. For those of us that don’t own a touch device and would like to but don’t have the money for it, there is a compromise.


The Touch Screen Converter is a camera attaches to your laptop and/or desktop to monitor your movements on the monitor screen. It traces the motion of the pen accompanying the camera across the screen and translates them to touch gestures. This includes swiping, clicking and pinching, writing and drawing (basically everything you can do on a normal touch screen). tscp

This is a viable option for those that have Windows 8 on their laptop but dont have a touchscreen or for those who have upgraded and don’t get that “feeling” of using Windows 8 without the touch gestures.

The converter can also be used for web chats and costs a mere $43. It makes for a nice accessory. All the pen needs is a small battery and the camera will draw power from the laptop itself.  The camera is available from the website Chinavision.

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