This Typewriter Turns Sentences Into Music

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Although typewriter itself produces amusing sound while typing but this assembly of electronics, produces music against each word typed after the typewriter.

Two musicians cum designers Lasse Munk and Søren Andreasen from Denmark have created a music box by connecting some old-school machinery to new-fangled technology. The duo has figured out a way to produce music out of words. Called the D.O.R.T.H.E (short for Danish Orchestra of Radios Talking and Hacked Engines), is a system made up of old, discarded electronics that Munk and Andreasen found in a junkyard. According to the two geeks, the assembly is such designed that each word in a typewriter acts as a pin to create sound or tone. Every letter on the typewriter acts as a trigger to an Arduino mega, which analyzes the word before piping it through to software where it’s processed and translated to a mechanical staccato musical sequence.

Typer Writer Assembly

Type writer music production

The device actually does the basic translations, like turning the number of letters in a word to a certain music pitch, but it also can tackle simple emotional states like joy, discomfort, fear and happiness. “For starters we matched simple words and sentences like the ‘dorthe gives us a fresh beat’ on the video and made a semantic map so that: ‘fresh + beat’ must mean uptempo combined with some kinky nice danceable melody work,” Munk explains.

Enjoy one of the video they made below:

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