UAE To Use Drone Technology To Deliver Official Documents

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No matter whether you use it as a personal photographer or illustrates it on wild-life to show destruction, drone technology keeps the possibilities of high-tech uses on the planet. Recently the Government of United Arab Emirates announced to use the unmanned aerial drone technology to deliver official documents and packages to its citizens.

“This is the first project of its kind in the world” Mohammed Al-Gergawi, minister of cabinet affairs said, as he displayed a prototype developed for the purpose. The battery powered drone is half a meter in size and is propelled by four rotors. It resembles a butterfly and features a top compartment that can carry documents and parcels.

The Government plans to test it for six months in Dubai to check its functionality and durability, before actually making ground across the UAE within a year. As proposed the technology will deliver ID cards, driving licenses and other official permits to the citizens.

UAE Drone Delivery

One of the Local engineer Abdulrahman Alserkal designed the technology and proposed  fingerprint and eye-recognition security systems to protect the drones and their cargo.

The UAE drone program is likely to face unavoidable obstacles on the way, given the temperature of region crosses 45 degrees Centigrade in summer and heavy sandstorms which occasionally sweep across the desert country.

Whether or not this technology makes it to reality, the project itself is unique and offers some high-tech services, rarely found across the globe.

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