Google Is Reportedly Capturing Underwater Street Views In Sydney

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Google is planning to take us from the street view to the sea view. Turns out street view is not only limited to remote lands only, it has decided to go underwater. Yes! Google has launched an ambitious and intriguing project to map the world underwater which would showcase some of the spectacular views of life under sea. It has already started with Sydney Harbour in Australia; where divers were spotted filming test footage from the bottom of the Harbour.


According to Google Australia Blog, street-view team is working with Catlin Seaview Survey; where images will be created using scooters with specially-designed cameras.

The first ever tablet-operated underwater camera, dubbed SVII has been developed by Google and Catlin to capture the images. This spherical camera enables continuous high resolution along with 360 degree imagery to be collected as the divers steer through the reef. The camera will capture up to 1000 panoramas, on a typical run which will be then stitched together to produce a virtual dive experience.


This project sounds very exciting as it will unveil the diversity and extraordinary beauty of marine life that exists below the surface.



Google is likely to face few challenges; like the Turbidity of the harbour water which may limit the filming area and depth. Also the electric impulses given off by the camera attract the bull sharks making the dive a bit more interesting and dangerous at the same time.

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