US Army Is Deploying Autonomous Vehicles

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US Army is known for its advanced weaponry; some of them are widely known to the world and some are hidden. The recent war on terror has break out many conflicts between citizens and government, one of them being the huge loss of American soldier’s lives. Perhaps, this is the reason for USA to develop warcrafts that removes US soldiers from the line of fire such as pilot-less drones.

us army gets driverless vehicles for future

US Army may soon bring autonomous vehicles in the battlefield which can be turned completely driver-less in the future. The new vehicles will provide increased situational awareness. It includes features which can minimize accidents such as obstacle detection, collision avoidance, lane departure, tip-over warnings and vision enhancements for low-visibility conditions.

These autonomous vehicles use LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) which tracks the road path by detecting the curves & changes in pavement and difference from gravel to grass. Google self-driving car also uses the same technology but US army is not doing any kind of collaboration with Google.

us army gets autonomous vehicles

There are two major modules of the vehicle: autonomy kit and by-wire drive kit. The first one has sensors to observe the surroundings of the vehicle while the later one performs the basic function of the vehicle such as acceleration, braking and steering.

Currently this technology is optionally manned and to be fully autonomous, another two years is required for the technology to mature. A further 10 years will bring the vehicles to the field.

us army unmanned vehicles

An unmanned convoy of seven different tactical vehicles was demonstrated in May in South Carolina exceeding a speed of 64kbps.

It is speculated that more such technology is going to be developed for the US army in the future.

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