US Space Satellite Explodes Over Earth

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3rd February, 2015 saw a space disaster which left 46 pieces of debris all around the Earth’s atmosphere.


This debris was of a US Air Force weather satellite, Defense Meteorological Satellite Program Flight 13 (DMSP-F-13) which exploded in Earth’s orbit because of a battery malfunction. The batteries were quite old just like the satellite itself and the temperature of the batteries shot up suddenly. The satellite is sending down real-time weather data from 1960s first for the US military and then from 1995 for the US Air Force.


The debris poses some dangers according to European Space Agency but official Holger Krag of ESA’s Space Debris Office says, “The event is not considered major. Should the reported number of fragments stabilize at this level, we can consider it to be within the range of the past 250 on-orbit fragmentation events. For our missions – with CryoSat-2 being closest to the event altitude – we do not expect any meaningful risk due to the event.”


The event will not affect the services for US Air Force, officials said.


Did the authorities took it lightly? What do you think?

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