USB Flash Drive With Lightning Port For iPhone And iPad

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When you need to transfer your favorite songs from your computer to phone, you either use a cloud service or search for the USB cable. Procrastinators often find both of these tasks tedious. They are always in search for better and faster service. Cloud service requires use of internet with a lingering threat of hackers and well, you have to first find a cable to even think of transferring data.

USB Lightening Connector

HYPER, a storage and iDevice accessories manufacturer clearly realizes the needs of its customers. If you are the one who loves to access data on the go, then iStick is made for you. At first it seems a simple USB Flash Drive, ‘judging a book from its cover’ might be an injustice. It has a small sliding button on it which when moved can become a USB flash drive on one side and an Apple approved lightning connector on the other side.

iStick Play your Music

Stream movies on the go

Safe and secure data transfer

The idea is simple, store your contents on iStick from computer, keep it with yourself and whenever you need to access the data, plug it in to you Apple device. You can watch movies on iPad, listen to songs on iPod or simple read notes on your iPhone. These all benefits are available without the need of internet connection, no delay and no privacy issues.

The project is currently active on KickStarter, go ahead and show your support. Don’t forget to go through our review below to get a more insight.

Our Review:

Pros: Easy access to content on the go, back up, file management, direct opening of documents, available up to 128 GB storage capacity, Read/write speed of upto 12 mbps.

Cons: Limited to apple products only.

Rating:  4.5/5

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