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You may have experienced those hectic days where work does not seem to end. You end up finishing work at the very last moment, packing in a hurry and probably thinking of finally relaxing on your couch at home. Wait, in all that haste, you forgot your wallet at office and missed the last train. This is one of those bad moments where you cannot stop cursing yourself. Do not worry, we have just got the right solution for you or at least Taylor Guidon does.


Taylor Guidon is a creative technologist at iStrategyLabs. He came up with the idea of Transit which is a simple LED matrix sign board displaying train and bike share schedule at the office. He got the idea seeing many of his colleagues constantly travelling. He wanted to help them easily manage their time around the schedule.

The important feature for Transit was to display real time information on the board. Taylor used an Arduino Mega to power the LEDs and an Electric Imp board which helps to pull real time data over the internet. He used APIs from commute services such as Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority to pull their schedule. The problem was that the trains do not run 24/7 and most of the time the Transit will get blank data. It had to be incorporated in the code to tell that the metro is closed and display it properly.


The red color LED display was mounted on the wall between two elevators using Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) for strength and firm support. It refreshes information after every 30 seconds.

You might be wondering to use a smart phone but humans have the tendency to remember information which is constantly in front of them.

Transit took a day to assemble hardware and the code was written in three days. It cost a total of $250 to complete it.

You can see the demo video below.

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