Use Your Remote For Youtube On Your PC Or Laptop

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If you are one of those people spending long hours on YouTube watching cat videos, then this trick is definitely for you. Now you can watch the videos more comfortably right from your couch. The following trick will help you turn your smartphone into a remote control without using any app or network link.

You can use your smartphone to play, pause and move to the next video. It will not be a faster search but still you won’t have to be on your laptop or PC for watching videos. Moreover, you can preview a video on your smartphone before watching it on your monitor.

Step 1: 

Go to Youtube TV on your PC/Laptop.

Step 2: 

Once you are on the page, press Up arrow button twice and you will be taken to a search page. Here hit enter and you will receive a code for pairing up your mobile to YouTube on laptop or PC.

Code For Pairing Up Smartphone To Youtube

Step 3:

Go to this link on your mobile and enter the code you received in the previous step. Now you can use your mobile as a remote control for YouTube on laptop or PC.

How many of you were looking for a trick like this? Wasn’t it useful?

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