Vehicle To Vehicle Communication Technology To Help Prevent Crashes

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We put our life on risks whenever travelling from one place to another, as none of the modes of transportation is declared 100% safe to travel. Yet there are number of Government and Private agencies, trying to bring technologies and precautions to mitigate accidents and crashes.

Vehicle to Vehicle (V2v) is one of such technologies, that allows cars to virtually “talk” to each other. While communicating, cars exchange basic travel data, such as speed, direction, relative distance to help take prompt decisions and prevent collisions. To keep the efficiency of system at highest level, the designed system exchange data as fast as 10 times per second. When cars share this information at such a fast rate, they can “see” all of the vehicles around them, sense the possibility of a crash, and warn drivers to avoid the crash.

V2V Caution Alert

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication

The developed technology uses Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) – a technology similar to Wi-Fi—which is fast, secure, reliable, and unlikely to be vulnerable to interference.

V2V system is developed by US Department of Transportation in a collaborative research with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, held at Department of Transportation. In addition to warnings and crash mitigation, the system can also provide the information surrounding the car, a 360-degree view to help decide when it’s safe to pass on a two-lane road (potential head-on collision) or make a left turn across the path of oncoming traffic. It can also alert a driver when a vehicle approaching at an intersection appears to be on a collision course.

V2V technology testing

“Our latest research estimates that V2V has the potential to help drivers avoid or mitigate 70 to80 percent of vehicle crashes involving unimpaired drivers, and that could help prevent many thousands of deaths and injuries on our roads every year” – Press Release states.


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