Vertical Trains Are The Future Of Transportation

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If you’ve seen the Steven Spielberg hit, Minority Report, you might remember that cars had the ability to travel vertically in the movie. Imagine the same thing but with trains. British designers Christopher Christophi and Lucas Mazarrasa had an idea of vertically building transportation tracks for an ever increasing population. The train idea was proposed as part of the 2014 Skyscraper Competition.


The idea is to facilitate travel between what appears to be a plan to shift population in to layered cities. The world above ground will be connected to the one underground by these trains. The trains will begin from skyscrapers carrying passengers that will have a one stop elevator, leading them to the train. The vertical trains will then descend the building and travel at around 600 miles an hour, almost twice as fast as today’s bullet trains, leading to underground tunnels and from then on will work like subway trains.

The shift in vertical and horizontal motion will obviously leave passengers nauseous, not to mention clutching their seats for fear of falling. This, it is said, will be fixed by installing Ferris Wheel style seating that will rotate according to the motion of the train.

The trains will be attached to their tracks via magnets, eliminating the need for rails.

The idea sounds awesome, but frankly impractical. But the future has always silenced critics and sceptics like yours truly, I hope it will again.Vertical train

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