Virtual Balconies Arrive On Ships

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Royal Caribbean is set to unveil a high-tech lineup of virtual balconies in the interior staterooms of their ships. These virtual balconies are actually large screen HDTVs that offer real time video feeds from the ocean inside your room, with complete audio.

The system uses a wide angle “fish-eye” lens to capture video feeds. “These give a more accurate representation of the visuals from a real balcony”, C. Miller from Control Group stated.

The company behind creating these amazing 80-inch floor-to-ceiling HD displays, Control Group has worked together with MIT and Harvard to minimize lag time that probably could cause unpleasant feelings with visual perceptions of motion. With the advanced technology called “fiber channel” company has made latency under one second.

Virtual Windows

Disney was the first to offer virtual displays on their ships. Featuring 42-inch circles, made to look like portholes. The display shows a video feed from a live camera outside the ship.

Royal Caribbean is offering a four-day cruise trip with virtual balconies at $429 per person.

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