Virtually Visit All FIFA World Cup 2014 Stadiums From Your Home Right Now

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The FIFA Football World Cup 2014 will kick off next week in Brazil. The die-hard football fans are already piling up in Brazil willing to endure sky rocketing prices just to support their team all the way. You might be feeling a little jealous having to see it yourself on TV. We don’t blame you. The euphoria that fuels the hearts of fans can truly be experienced within the walls of the stadium. Good news for you, Google feels the same way.

FIFA World Cup 2014 view the stadium 360 from the middle

For those of you, who cannot get in Brazil to feel the heat, Google has launched a dedicated page in preparation for the upcoming event. The page hosts a Google map view for all 12 stadium hosting the mega event. Now this is not your standard Google map view. The first effect you get is standing in the middle of the stadium and viewing it as you slowly move in circle. You can view it in full screen and a card pops up on left side displaying the information about the stadium and its location on map. The screen automatically pans 360º like a live video which wows you the first time you see it.

Google Map View For FiFA Worldcup 2014

Imagine the stadium with hundreds of fans and the colorful costumes and flags that YOU can view free of cost from the comfort of your home. Not only that you can even watch your favorite player and analyze the fouls and may even curse the referee for pulling the wrong card up.

12 host stadiums view it on the google maps

In addition to this mind blowing feature, the new Google maps also offers the iconic views of sites of all 12 host cities, transit maps for indoor venues like airport and malls with real time information.

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