Volvo Is Using Face Recognition To Help Tired Drivers

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Long drives are common on long holidays and not everyone has the capacity to drive or suffer through long distances. Yours truly falls asleep after an hour in the back seat. But hardly anyone can stay awake all the time and obviously this causes complications because wrong turns and ending up in the middle of nowhere is bound to happen once in a lifetime of road trips. There’s no pill or chemical strong enough to keep you awake for days but Volvo has the next best thing, a car that helps you to stay awake.

State Estimation

Cars have been getting smarter every year like phones and tablets and almost every other piece of technology. The way this is done is by “learning” from the user. Voice assistants and reminders and music players all monitor the individual choices of the user and then establish a pattern to decide how the choices are picked or which choices are picked most. Cars have automatic braking systems and safety mechanisms built in today that make driving safer but Volvo has gone a step further and installed a sensor to see if the driver is awake or not.


The face recognition system called Driver State Estimation uses LEDs that project infra red radiation to map the expressions of the driver, how much his eyes are open,  the angle of the head and its position etc. When the driver seems to be asleep this will trigger automated braking and adaptive cruise control or wake up alarms for the driver. This will hopefully make driving safer for all of us.

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