Volvo Self Driving Cars Hit The Streets

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Volvo has not been keeping mum about its plans to release self driving cars. On the contrary it has continuously made announcements about its project again and again. It has already begun its test driving in Sweden and hopes to see fruitful results soon. Volvo has previously shown that its technology can warn drivers of the weather conditions, slippery roads and function as alarms for its drivers if they fall asleep or nod off.

Self-driving Volvo

According to Volvo, its technology has now become adaptive enough to handle traffic and switch lanes and speed as well as interact with the cloud to receive traffic updates. The cars will be tested on 30 miles of commuter roads and will allow drivers to hand over command to the master computer installed.


In addition to this, the cars will be able to record information about the surroundings including the effects of autonomous cars on yearly traffic accidents and how safe the cars are for pedestrians in general. This will help decide how far to push the project and how quickly to do it as well.

self driving cars

This is the first phase of Volvo’s Drive Me project in which it joins Nissan, Tesla, Ford and Google in their ambitions of making self driving cars a reality very soon. This testing phase will reach a peak in 2017 when Volvo hopes to have 100 fully functioning, fully autonomous cars driving on the roads in Gothenburg, Sweden. The fact is that by eliminating one factor that causes accidents, the human error, Volvo is seeking to eliminate car accidents and save the lives of millions each year.

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