Volvo Uses The Cloud To Make Roads Safer

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Volvo has been at it to make roads and driving in general safer for the world. It has introduced cameras to monitor if drivers are falling asleep to automatically trigger alarms and safety mechanisms, it has made advances in self driving car technology and now it’s going to use cloud services to warn drivers of immediate hazards.

Volvo cloud

Volvo is working on linking cars through cloud services with the help of the Swedish Transport Administration (STA) and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA). It is going to put 50 cars on the roads of Scandinavian countries that are interlinked. These cars will share and pass on data to each other as well as the NPRA and STA. This will help suggest alternate routes for cars headed the same way as those stuck in traffic jams and warns approaching drivers of and oil slick or frozen/icy, slippery track. These warnings will prevent prospective accidents. Through the use of GPS a warning will be triggered when the driver approaches the flagged zone. The information will also be passed to the proper authorities so they can get to work solving the problem.

test carsThe endeavour is mainly targeted towards making roads safer in the winter.

Volvo is not alone in this undertaking as Mercedes, BMW, GM and Toyota are all working on vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communication systems. It’s all about having access to the latest information to light a path towards a goal. In this case your next dental appointment or meeting.

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