Thanks To Facebook: Whatsapp Is Moving To A New Bigger Office Pretty Soon

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The $19 billion worth Whatsapp started-off from single room office, with fewer than 60 employees till date. One intelligent move, Mark Zuckerberg made to keep the app running was allowing complete WhatsApp team work as they were previously doing. However, things from today might start to change a little; as Facebook has leased an under construction building (250 Bryant st.) at Palo Alto, California. As reported, the new office will carry about 400 more employees and is solely dedicated for Whatsapp. This is how it looks like:

Facebook leases a new building for Whatsapp

WhatsApp became a popular smartphone application that has attracted billions of users so far. The main feature includes the exchange of messages over the mobile broadband across the world, free of cost. Jan Koum, a former employee of yahoo and Brian Acton with a failed start-up business put together their efforts to develop Whatsapp from a café. Koum established the company in five years providing quality service and attracting 200 million active users.

Facebook acquire Whatsapp

Apparently it looks like that Mark Zuckerburg foresaw Whatsapp as the future of smartphone based social network. And in a move to grab it at present, he acquired Whatsapp for $19 billion in February 2014.

The Facebook’s decision for a new office clearly indicates that Mark intends to make separate business for Whatsapp. Seeing the growth of the application, who knows it may become the first giant social network on smartphones.

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