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No matter which electronic device you buy, the most important specification is how much battery time it can offer?  It makes sense for devices like laptops, tablets and mobile phones to offer more battery time because you do not want your work to get interrupted.

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The problem occurs when there are a variety of brands to choose from and listen to sugar-coated properties told by shopkeepers. Amidst all this you get confuse and it is not after multiple trials that you recognize the right battery type for your electronic device.

Today we have gathered the common type of batteries used in electronic devices. You will also get to learn what type is best suitable to perform a certain type of task.

1. Lead-Acid Battery

Lead-Acid batteries are inexpensive and normally used as an alternative in case of power failures e.g. Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). If you want to buy an electric scooter, bicycle or wheelchair, these batteries will work just fine. The charged time for the battery depends on how quickly it discharged based on the type of application used and how much charge was consumed.

lead acid battery

2. Lithium-Ion Battery

You probably have heard the most about lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are commonly used for small devices such as laptops and cell phones. The charged time for these batteries is comparatively longer and best suitable for devices which require high power consumption.

3. Nickel Metal Hydride Battery

Nickel Metal Hydride is typically used for low cost and small device applications such as camcorders, pagers and even mobile phones.  Though these batteries are less preferred for mobile phones and laptops as compared to lithium-ion batteries. The main drawback is the slow charging and short life cycle. Basically it means that with more time taken to charge, it offers less charged time.

Nickel metal hydride battery

4. Nickel Cadmium Battery

Nickel Cadmium batteries are the most reliable as they offer longer charged time. These batteries can come in both small and large size. While the small batteries are used for toys, the large batteries can be used for photographic equipment and computers. These batteries not only offer longer charged time but also do not heat up.

Nickel cadmium battery

We hope this article made you smart enough to see through and through with the shopkeeper’s somewhat fabricated specifications.

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