Why Apple Watch Is Not Called iWatch?

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In modern technology era, when Google launched its wearable spectacles namely “Google Glass”, the market flooded with immediate copies both from large companies and small start-ups.  Some of them were way better than Google Glass in terms of functionality, others were mere con. This led to a whole new era of wearable tech; such as smart watches, smart rings, and smart bracelets.

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Every Silicon Valley giant is trying their hands-on at this new apparent conquering tech. It was natural for critics, fans and competitors to predict similar products from Apple – the pioneer in touch screen smartphone technology. Everyone assumed that another i-product will definitely be released by Apple marking its entry into the wear tech such as iWatch.

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But out of many surprises, Apple dropped-out of long term ‘i’ from its product’s nomenclature. Yes, the speculation was iWatch but the released product was just “Apple Watch” and another new product “Apple Pay”, not even iPay. Both missing out on the letter ‘i’.

Our of many probable theories, there can be two possible reasons for this decision taken by Apple.

iFatigue – Another Use Of iProduct Would Not Have Created Any Buzz And Bored People Out

The ‘i’ convention of the Apple has been around for almost two decades.  The products included are countless, all starting with the letter ‘i’ extension such as iMac, iLife (includes iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, and iWeb), iTunes, iPod, iPhone, iPad, iCloud, iOS, iWork, iBooks, iHome (audio systems), iPlay (babywear) and iFetch (an interactive fetch toy for dogs).

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These are one too many apple products, a fact that even Apple folks could not have missed this time. If they had continued with the trend then the big Apple Event would not have created any buzz especially when major information about the iPhone release was leaked few days earlier.

This could be a wise step taken by Apple.

Apple May have Gotten Into Law Suits Already

Another reason for Apple naming Apple Watch and Apple Pay to its latest products can be the potential lawsuits. Apple has both issued and received lawsuits which indicates that the dropping the popular name might be because some other product had the same name. Like in 2006 when Apple renamed iTV to Apple TV, as a consequence of UK television broadcasting company threatening to sue Apple.

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Similarly, it was expected that Apple will name its payment service iWallet but it turns out that a bio-metric locking wallet with the same name already existed. It seems that Apple’s own iUniverse has become the greatest hurdle in expanding the range of  “iProducts”.

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