Wifi Speed On Air Has Reached To 70 Mbps

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Gogo Inc. is a company famous for providing Wifi in planes. Wifi in planes is notorious for being slow and unreliable. Paying a fee of about $15 gets you lousy Wifi that reminds you of the old days of dial up. Gogo however, has promised to boost its speed up to 70 Mbps and even as far as 100 Mbps in the coming weeks.


The company has come up with a new product by the name of the 2ku antenna. Its ability to transmit internet signals “30,000 feet in the air” is unparalleled as of today. The antenna has twice the spectral efficiency than all other antennas of its type available today which means that it transmits twice the bandwidth at a low cost. The antenna is also just four and a half inches long, reducing drag on the air plane and not sacrificing function for fashion.


This will not only result in faster internet browsing but live streaming from local television channels. The in flight movie that is boring you may not bore you any more when you can stream the latest blockbuster from Star Movies or AXN. The bad news, however, is that now your boss will not leave you alone even when you’re relaxing up in the air. The 2 or 3 or 18 hour vacation that is the flight may now be over, permanently.

The company began in 2009, delivering speeds at up to 3.1 Mbps and has never looked back. Its exponential growth is testament to its quality in service and in technology. Gogo will be expanding its services to North American flights this May.

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