Wind Powered Portable Charger

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We are influenced with technology so much that we have overlooked the kind of effect it has on our environment. The gadgets you use every second of our life are not Eco-friendly since they consume a lot of energy. Even if you are an advocate of using energy efficient devices through solar panels; you are still burning fossil fuels to charge up your tech.

Kickstarter Project Flutter Wind Powered Portable Charger

Kohilo Wind has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its first wind powered portable turbine that can charge up to two devices on the go or at home. This portable charger called flutter follows the principal of normal wind turbines drawing the required power from the wind. However, it contains impressive technology; while normal turbines do not work if there is no breeze, flutter can harness energy without wind as well. Normal wind turbine requirements are 9 mph whereas flutter can store energy at 5 mph too. The use of magnetic bearings can help the device to be re-configured to specific wind speeds.

Kickstarter Project Flutter Wind Powered Portable Charger 2

Flutter offers extra durability due to its aluminum coated design and is also recyclable. The device is packed with two USBs ports; one is faster than the other, an LCD screen to display device power, LED lights and built-in wireless speaker. A smaller and cheaper version of flutter is also available with two USB ports and LED lights.

Kickstarter Project Flutter Wind Powered Portable Charger 3

The wind powered portable charger is not cheap and costs around $350 but if you are an early bird on Kickstarter you can get the device for $299 only. The smaller version of flutter costs $149 which is cheaper.

Click the link below to see Flutter in action.

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