Windowless Planes Expected To Arrive In 10 Years

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A windowless private plane designed for business travel had created a hype few months ago. Now, a similar concept has been introduced by a UK based company for commercial flights. The technology is expected to be here in 10 years based on the current advancements of aerospace industry.

Windowless Planes Interior Seats

These windowless commercial planes will have full length smart screens through which you can view the sky. The Center for Process Innovation (CPI) will use organic light emitting diodes (OLED) to construct these high tech lightweight screens. The current technology is costly and sensitive to moisture, so CPI is considering to develop flexible glass OLED panels.  The advantage of OLEDs are that they are lighter than LCD or plasma screens and also do not require a back-light.

Windowless Planes Expected To Arrive In 10 Years

The OLED screens can be used for checking emails, watching television, surfing internet or checking out the landscape through which the plane is flying. The design is not only secure but also aesthetically beautiful as the aircraft’s walls are thinner, stronger and lightweight. The current traditional glass windows need heavy bolts to secure them.

Windowless Planes Night View

Jon Helliwell, a program manager at CPI told The Guardian, “We had been speaking to people in aerospace and we understood that there was this need to take weight out of aircraft. Follow the logical thought through. Let’s take all the windows out – that’s what they do in cargo aircraft – what are the passengers going to do? If you think about it, it’s only really the people that are sitting next to windows that will suffer.”

Windowless Planes Interior side view

Hence, if the aircraft weight is reduced, the fuel costs and carbon emission for airlines will be reduced. According to a CPI estimation, a 1 percent reduction in aircraft weight can lead up to a 0.75 percent fuel savings. 220,000 gallons of fuel is used by 3 billion passengers flying around the world every year. The fuel consumption result in over 705 million tonnes production of CO2. This is big for airline industry.

This plane model will be a fascinating development for commercial aircraft. Check out the complete video of the windowless plane below:

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