With Tight Budget In Her Pocket, This Architect Built Her Own Beautiful House

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Live Smaller, Live Simple, Live Happy. This is the idea behind the social movement – “Tiny House Movement” where people are downsizing the living space because of environmental and financial concerns. According to an infographic, Americans spend 1/3rd to 1/2nd of their income for living in bulky houses, which translates to 15 years of work just to pay for it. That’s the reason more people are joining this movement including Idaho-based architect Macy Miller.

House In Budget

Macy Miller wished for her own house for a long time but she could not pay for mortgage and other house expense. This is when she decided to construct her own small yet efficient Tiny House. She was interested in both savings in cost and gaining experience with construction.

Macy Miller Tiny House

Macy Miller saw her dream come true after two years of hard work on the 196-square-foot home. The house was built on top of a flatbed trailer with the use of ecological construction materials. The tiny house includes recycled shipping pallets for the siding of the home and entirely donated brand new windows. It is also available with every modern facility needed such as lighting, a kitchen area, and even a working bathroom.

The tiny house has just finished construction which has been accomplished over a very tight budget. Miller is currently looking for a place to park her home. She hopes that one day she can run the entire structure completely off-the-grid which makes the tiny house both eco-friendly and space saving. You can follow her progress on her personal blog.

Meanwhile, check out the Tiny House in the pictures below.

House Interior - Kitchen

House Interior - Bed Room

House Interior - Bed Room 2

House Interior - hallway

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