World’s Fastest Dock Can Charge Upto 6 Devices At A Time

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The ALL-DOCK claims to charge your device as quickly as 80% in just under an hour. It charge up to 6 devices simultaneously with a power of 2400 mA per port.

Designed by Barleley based company – Dittrich California Inc, the ALL-DOCK comes in three different sizes. The smallest of which charges 4 devices at a time, while it goes to 6 devices a time with the largest of three. Each unit has a series of slots designed to accommodate any mobile device. The user tuck-in the USB hub of charging cable in respective space, pass it over the slot and place the device over it. Although a cluster of charging cables make a mess of it anywhere, but thanks due to the design configuration, everything including cables goes under the unit. There is a clear space of 13.5mm between the slots in all versions of ALL-DOCK. So that, all your devices can be placed simultaneously without any hassle. The size of all three versions makes it possible to place your devices horizontally, making skype sessions and video experience even better, while charging.

ALL Dock Process

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all dock charging

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The total power of the dock is 9600mA for the 4xUSB charger and 14400mA for our 6xUSB charger. The 2400mA USB hub is claimed to be one of the fastest in the world (FCC certified). The dock battery circuit charges itself using one power cable (70 inch long). Compatible with the majority of devices such as Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, LG, HTC, Motorola, Huawei, Nokia, Kindle, etc, ALL-DOCK comes with three color ranges, and is available as low as $39 to $169 a unit at Kickstarter campaign.

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