World’s Fastest Elevator Goes 45 Miles Per Hour

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The city of Guangzhou in Southern China is soon going to be the home of a 530 meter tall CTF Financial Centre. In 2016 the mammoth of a tower will be completed and will contain a novelty, the fastest elevator in the world. Hitachi is the mastermind behind this technical marvel and promises to deliver.

The elevator will travel at a top speed of 45 miles per hour and will cover the 95 storey tall tower in 43 seconds. This may sound like an amusement park ride more than a smooth elevator ride to some but as the world moves fast, it does so in every direction. Plus Hitachi’s guarantee is that the ride will be smooth in spite of the high speeds. The Center will be fitted with a total of 95 elevators including two of the ultra fast elevators for people who are really in a hurry (most probably the CEOs of some company or a VIP come to visit). Also in the Center will be 28 double decker elevators for a heavier load and a slower but smoother ride.

CTF Financial Centre

The elevator will be state of the art, equipped with a stiff set of brakes that will hold even at the exceedingly high temperatures generated by the elevator while climbing up the center (300 C) if it malfunctions and with a magnetic motor to generate a large force. The world’s market for elevators is dominated by China, which contributes 60% of the supply. Of this, Hitachi contributes 15%.


The worlds fastest elevator right now resides in Taiwan inside the Taipei 101 tower and covers the 509 meter building with a speed of 37.5 mph. With this announcement of a 45 mph elevator, Hitachi is looking to bring in more customers as well as increase its market share.

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