This Robot Runs At A Speed Of 45mph

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Robotic technology has been slow and limited in many ways. But not this robot. Now you can experience the same tech as in Hollywood movies. Meet Outrunner, the world’s first fastest running robot giving an amazing 45 mph on treadmill and 20 mph outdoor speed.


Outrunner is a six legged robot which can run 20 mph on any terrain with up to 2 hours of battery life. It is simple to operate and easy to upgrade. This speedy robot comes in two versions: Outrunner Core and Outrunner Performance.

Outrunner Core is designed for playing around and fun. Core has six legs, light weight of about less than 3 pounds, 1.5 feet in height and equipped with Universal Camera Mount. This version can run up to 10mph with one hour of battery life.  The core is controllable via a standard remote control and up-gradable with sensors.


Outrunner Performance is designed for a robot racing competition. It provides ultimate performance to increase your chance of winning against your friends. Unlike Core, this version comes with 6,8,10 or 12 legs, weighs about 5 pounds, more than 2 feet tall, controllable via both remote control and smart phone. It can run up to 20 mph with 2 hours of battery life.  On-board the core is HD camera, accelerometer and gyroscope. Live data and video can be streamed on your smart phone via Wi-Fi.

Robotics Unlimited is behind this fastest robot which comes with 10 custom designs. The philosophy of company is to bring the tech out from research labs and movies in to the real world. They want to make this high end tech accessible to anyone around the world.  They are planning to arrange a global event “The Robot Race” by the end of 2015. You will have roughly six months to purchase Outrunner, and customize it to prepare for the race. This race seems nothing less than street racing with three races: drag race, an endurance race, and a slalom race. 

What do you think about this robot? Share your thoughts in the comments below.  If you are excited about it and want to race your robot, support Robotics Unlimited on Kickstarter. You can help them start commercializing their robots.

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