World’s First Bike Mount And Speaker Combo

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Are you passionate about Biking and Music? Well, they do make a perfect combination for enjoyment and exercise. The Allo is the world’s first all-in-one bike mount and speaker designed with safety and convenience in mind. This combo has been developed specifically in the hopes of increasing visibility and avoiding distractions while riding. This fine-tuned concept has a lot of key benefits. It provides full access to smartphone features while riding safe. You can easily listen to music, navigation, conduct phone calls and use any of your favorite smartphone apps.


Allo is a Los Angeles- based company founded by inventor Benji Miller. Their focus is basically to give riders an easy way to access all the functions of their smartphones while riding, so they can focus on whats important- the road. The Allo is made up of two main parts: the bike mount and the speaker/case. You can easily secure the mount onto any bike handlebars. The protective case shields the phone during the ride from any damage and the adjustable mount and the quick release feature allows the riders to take the speaker/case with them when they are on foot.


Allo literally puts everything at your fingertips once it has been attached to the handlebar. By simply flicking the switch you can turn on the speaker. Speaker is powered by two AAA batteries and has a range of 80-90 decibels. The first production run of the Allo will be made for the iPhone 5 series and is available to purchase on kickstarter.

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