World’s First Flexible OLED TV Is Here

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Curved screen technology undoubtedly takes viewing experience to the next level. But it has a draw back of rigid curvature that cannot be modified. Not anymore, as LG has unveiled first of its kind, flexible display OLED TV, at the CES-2014 Los Vegas. By the term flexible, it means its angle of curvature can be changed/modified to get the ultimate viewing experience. The television remote helps the viewer, adjust curvature as desired. The television comes with a giant screen size of 77 inches, and is the result of technological integration of multiple aspects of product design. Screen size and viewing distance were considered the key factors deciding the range of curve.

“LG’s Flexible OLED TV is a product that has to be seen to be believed because it defies description,” said H. H. (Hyun-hwoi) Ha President and CEO of LG’s Home Entertainment Company. “What curved is to flat, flexible is to curved. LG continues to lead the evolution of televisions into the next generation.”

LG Flexible Screen TV

Flexible screen technology is certainly a breakthrough in the technology world. But how far this new technology will help in the design of other user products? The question, every giant of smart screen industry is working on. Share your thoughts about it in the comment section below.

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