World’s Largest Solar Bridge Completed In London

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The world’s largest solar bridge – Blackfriars Bridge is completed in London. The bridge is a part of Blackfriars Station and has been fitted with 4,400 photo-voltaic panels.

Work on the Blackfriars Bridge started back in spring, five years ago and the stations went operational for the 2012 Olympics. It took nearly another year after that to complete the solar array installation, and by this year, the full refurbishment happens to be completed. The installation of the solar panels was part of the wider redevelopment of Blackfriars Station, which happens to be one of the major part of a £6.5 billion (US$10.72 billion) Thameslink Programme, that started off to increase train capacity on one of Europe’s busiest stretches of railway that runs from north to south through central London.

This array of Panasonic 250 Wp panels covers a total area of 6,000 sq m (19,685 sq ft) and happens to be the largest solar array on any bridge in the world. Its output is estimated at 1.1 MWp (megawatt peak – maximum) and it is expected to generate 900,000 kWh of electricity each year – which is more than half the amount required to keep the station going.

Blackfriar's Bridge London


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