This Is How The World’s Largest Solar Power Plant Looks Like

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I believe everyone is familiar with the process of conversion of sunlight into electricity which is the most important and relatively inexpensive source of electrical energy whereas the grid power is unreasonably expensive or simply unavailable. Back in 2012 it was reported that the world’s largest solar thermal farm is under construction at the Mojave desert, Ivanpah and now it has achieved commercial operation and delivering solar powered-energy to California’s electric grid at full capacity. Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (ISEGS), the massive solar facility is generating a whopping 392 MW of solar energy to power 14,000 California homes with clean energy and help avoid 40,000 metric tones of carbon dioxide per year.

The World's Largest Solar Thermal Generation Plant, is now operational.

The World’s Largest Solar Thermal Generation Plant, is now operational.

This massive solar plant uses the infinite source of sunlight as fuel. A sea of sun tracking mirrors are used to reflect and focus the sunlight onto boilers sitting atop three 450-foot high towers. This project is backed by NRG, Google and Bright Source Energy, covering an area of 35,00 acres with project cost around US$2.2 Billion.

A Sea of Sun Tracking Mirrors

A Sea of Sun Tracking Mirrors

Like every mega structure, this project also offers some drawbacks and reservations; like birds mortality rate is pretty high in that particular region. The high temperature generated by the mirrors kills any bird as they fly over the plant. No matter what, the gigantic plant is a fine example of how America is becoming a world leader in the solar energy as well among other things.


Such projects are a proof that the energy landscape can be transformed to provide more clean power to businesses and homes around the world.

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