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Have you ever come across those insane videos on social media usually titled with hammer test for a certain smart device? No one in the right mind will ever think of doing it. Even with the minor fall your heart skips a beat. However, somehow if the thrill of performing such a test is in your to-do wish list, you should probably try this screen protector.

Kablam cited as the world’s strongest screen protector has multi layer resistance shielding. This screen protector can save your phone from any kind of damage. Whether your phone gets a blow from a hammer, falls down from a two story building or get run over by a truck, there will not be a single scratch on your smart device screen.

scratch free screen protector

This sturdy screen protector is made from polymer and is only 0.26mm thick. Apart from scratch resistant, it offers features like anti-shock and anti-fingerprint for your precious screen. The screen protector is available for devices with variable screen sizes such as smart watch, MP3 player, camera, phone and tablet.

The screen protectors are laser cut-outs and sold in wholesale price, thus not reducing your pocket size. Kablam campaign on Kickstarter is booming and with your help they can start on retail packaging, manufacture new products and improve the marketing of this amazing technology.

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