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Our brain learns and remembers better when we put down our ideas on paper. It is hard to believe that a mere paper had been an impact on our brain health for centuries. In pursuit of our own good we have been a source of destruction for our environment’s green living beings. A small step for improving our environment has been taken by Writerase.

Writerase is a Canada based startup consisting of four engineers. They have come up with a fusion of whiteboard and a traditional notebook. Like whiteboard you can write, rub and rewrite but unlike traditional notebooks you can rub out very smoothly without putting wrinkles on paper. The Writerase prototype has been extensively tested for its paper strength, durability, reliability and long life. High quality UV gloss spray techniques were used to bring whiteboard’s smoothness to paper. The company notebooks have been named and sized according to tree leaves and their sizes. This gesture was made to promote environment friendly writing. Since you can reuse the paper, you are preventing tree cut downs.


You might have cursed yourself for spilling liquid on an important document you were working on. Writerase is water proof. If you spill something, you can clean it up with a cloth and leave it to dry. This feature would be more attractive, if it magically self-absorbs and dry instantly.

Writerase Notebook

This seems to be a good product for a startup company. However, it would not appeal to most of the targeted audience. The company claimed to allow the user use their whiteboard anywhere. This weakens the product severely. In the modern age, every person has already got productivity on the go in the form of smart phones and tablets. You can keep calendars, make to do lists, draw mind maps and play graphically enhanced peer to peer games on modern era phones. This product might be useful for children learning to draw or students who want to do their day to day work or be artists. However, I believe that this might be resource full for people who make online tutorials. In particular those who cannot afford expensive stylus tabs. A simple camera focus on the notebook would do the work.

Notebook For Life

This product can be improved if a less harmful paper material is used for large  markets like print media and educational material. I would not recommend this product for life. However, the idea behind is good if projected in the right direction keeping in view the digital alternatives widely being used.

Our Product Review:

Pros:  Environment friendly, smooth rubbing, water proof, cheap alternative to tablets

Cons:  Harmful material usage i.e. UV gloss spray, not competitive, water proof feature: non-self absorbing and non-instant dry

Rating: 3.5/5.0


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1 Comment to Writerase – Your Notebook For Life

  1. The project has failed miserably on Kickstarter.

    The creators have been failures when it comes to communication and executions. Backers that are lucky enough to receive anything are getting less then they were promised in terms of quantity, quality, and details. They update every month and a half or so, apologizing for their failures and lying about improving communication. All e-mails and other forms of correspondence are ignored, and they have refused to provide any sort of system for providing refunds.

    If you’re considering heading to their site to buy this product, save yourself the time and money. Seek out a different company, because Writerase has shown they can’t run themselves or satisfy consumers.

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