Yamaha Electric Bikes Are Coming Soon

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Yamaha is a trusted name in electronic keyboards and motorcycles. The Dhoom series has been a regular product for customers and for good reason, the best quality and best look both come with Yamaha. The Japanese giant is now planning to dish out its brand of motorcycles with electric power.


These days almost every company is getting into the electric vehicle game, since the environmental movement is slowly building to a critical mass. Nissan, Toyota and other motor giants are fast making progress on their flagship models for electric cars. Yamaha definitely wasn’t going to stay behind the competition, so it recently premiered two motorcycles out of its soon to be large line up of motorcycles at the Tokyo Motor Show.


The PES1 and the PED1 both look great. They sport the look of the future vehicle and their internals are essentially the same. The electric motors and batteries are almost similar, its their geometric steering that shows the difference. The PES1 model is belt driven and is built to cater to the mountain bikers and the sports enthusiasts while the PED1 model sports a chain and is essentially a dirt bike. The PES1 weighs 100 kg and PED1 weighs 85 kg. A major let down is their speed. None looks like its going to blaze across the desert (the PES1 has a top speed of 100 km/h).

PED1 and PES1

PED1 and PES1

The bikes aren’t coming out this year but the anticipation has set in. Anything from Yamaha has got to be something else.

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