You Can Literally Assemble This House In Less Than 3 Hours

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Do you know what it takes to build a house from scratch? A fat wallet and enduring at least a year of dealing with architects, constructors, electricians, suppliers, designers etc. Guess it is easier to live a simple life and that is exactly what Trong Nghia Architects had in mind when they came up with the low-cost S House.

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The firm built a prototype of a low-cost S house for Vietnam’s poor with minimum on-site build time of 3 hours. It seems after several iteration, the firm finally refined the prototype into a more stable structure. The house was installed in Ho Chi Minh City after completion in November.

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The S-House has the simplest interior with just one large space inside that measures about 31.6 sq m. The construction material used is a lightweight steel framework with cement board cladding and a reinforced concrete foundation.

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The S House has small gaps between roof, walls and windows for ventilation. The total weight of the house is 1,200 kg and individual components weigh about 60 kg, which is helpful in transportation. It takes only three hours to assemble the S-House and it can be easily maintained and repaired.

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While explaining the purpose of the project, Vo Trong Nghia Architects say, “The aim of this serial project is to provide stable but lightweight, permanent but affordable homes for low-income earners in a harsh tropical climate. Although there are many local challenges such as weak ground condition, frequent typhoon and potential earthquake, the structure is stable enough to withstand natural disasters.”

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The previous version of the house cost about $4,000 and this house is expected to be priced at an affordable cost. The firm hopes to sell the home all over Vietnam, South East Asia and other countries like Africa and India.

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