You Won’t Believe But This Device Converts Humidity Into Drinkable Water For Cyclists

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Lack of physical movement can effect both the mental capabilities and organ functions of human beings. Exercise and sports can help maintain a healthy life style.

Cycling is the most efficient mode of human locomotion, offering various health benefits which includes cardiovascular fitness, joint mobility and reduced stress levels. It can be adopted both as a daily exercise routine or a professional sports.

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During long journeys however, one water bottle is usually not enough to fulfill the body requirement. It is often not possible to refill the bottle or carry around extra water bottles either. This is exactly the reason that Kristof Retezar, an industrial designer came up with the idea of Fontus.

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Fontus is a self-filling water bottle which makes use of moisture from the humid air to create safe drinking water. It means that the device can separate the water molecules from air to produce fresh water.

self-filling water bottles for cyclists

This device is mounted on the bicycle and as the rider pedals along the path, the bottle fills itself over time. The creator conducted more than 30 experiments to achieve “a constant drop-flow of one drop of condensed water per minute.”

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Fontus can produce half a liter water in an hour’s time under the suitable climatic conditions. For now, the device may be used for cyclists but it can provide clean drinking water in regions with severe shortage problems.

This is an innovation that will help develop environmentally friendly apparatuses to deal with scarcity of natural resources.

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