Your Body Scent Could Be Your Next ID Number

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Security agencies have been using facial recognition, fingerprints and iris scans like technologies to enhance their intelligence capabilities over the years. Although all such technologies offer great precision and accuracy, however they are highly invasive and offers some great privacy concerns.

Researchers from Spain’s Univesidad Politecnica de Madrid have come up with a solution in collaboration with a technology firm IIia Sistemas SL. Both have developed a system that can verify people by their scent signatures.

Researchers claim that the body odor patterns of a every person is unique and it remains constant for enough time to be identified. The system offers a great accuracy rate of 85%. Fingerprints and Iris scan technologies also offer higher accuracy rate, however their intrusive nature makes it very hard for agencies to carry their operations. On the other hand, facial recognition has a high error rate.

Researchers believe that the technology is viable for airports, border check points or anyplace where pictorial verification is required. The deployment of scent sensors will identify person as they walk through a system stall. The system is a less invasive solution and doesn’t make people reluctant to participate with the process


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