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Screen size and display quality plays the most important role in bringing new products to life. Tech giants particularly Samsung and Apple have often modified only the screen size/ resolution to bring new products in the market. But on the other hand, few geek companies like Avegant have tried to think out of the box, minimizing the screen size and moving it closer to the eye – making viewing experience better and more clear.

Naming the technology “Virtual Retina Display”, Avegant – a company based in Michigan, has developed specialized goggles that projects images directly onto your retina creating sharp, stark images. The product named as Glyph – combines a headset with over-the-ear headphones uses Virtual Retina Display to project images directly onto the retina with a complex array of LEDs and mirrors.

Glyph Colors

Personal Theater Goggles Headset

With flip-over flexibility, the Glyph uses a simple HDMI input to display anything in your content library, from your iPhone to the desktop environment in your Mac or PC. User can even switch the screen off and enjoy music from its 3.5mm jack, that can be attached to any of your smartphone.

The Glyph additionally features a 3-axis Gyro, accelerometer and a digital magnetometer to allow head-tracking when played content is compatible. In the future, company plans to sync the head movement with the mouse-ball, claiming this feature will make all PC games compatible to play right out of the box.

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